September 25, 2013- The Brad Blog: EXCLUSIVE: Former Gov. Don Siegelman Brings the Hammer Down on Tom DeLay from Prison

September 8, 2013- Media Matters: Fox's Karl Rove Shouts Lies About Benghazi

July 25, 2013- Mother Jones: Groundswell's Secret Crusade to Crush Karl Rove

June 21, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Mocked By Sen. Jeff Sessions Over Immigration

June 18, 2013- Huffington Post: Chris Van Hollen: IRS Rules To Be Challenged In Court

June 2, 2013- The Daily Beast: Karl Rove’s “Liberal Group” Complaint and the Crossroads GPS Scheme

May 24, 2013- Forward Progressives: There’s Not Much That’s Funnier Than a Republican Confronted With Facts

April 14, 2013- Texas Tribune: Bob Perry, Prolific GOP Donor, Dead at 80

April 10, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Heckled Throughout Speech In Massachusetts, Called 'Murderer,' 'Terrorist'

March 17, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Mocks Sarah Palin Tenure As Governor

March 16, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove's War

February 28, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Explains Conservative Victory Project: 'My Posterior Was Shredded' By Donors After Losses

February 20, 2013- NBC News: Gingrich hammers Karl Rove over effort to define GOP

February 19, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Nazi Image Featured In Tea Party Patriots Email

February 18, 2013- Addicting Info: Nate Silver: Karl Rove’s War On Tea Party Extremists ‘Could Backfire’

February 15, 2013- Huffington Post: Terry Branstad: Karl Rove's Conservative Victory Project Is A 'Mistake'

February 8, 2013- Daily News Finder: Karl Rove’s Fall From Relevance

February 7, 2013- Media Matters: Karl Rove And Marco Rubio's Mutually Beneficial Alliance

February 7, 2013- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Is Done

February 4, 2013- The Atlantic Wire: Rove's 'No More Akins' Group Outrages Conservatives

February 4, 2013- Mediaite: S.E. Cupp Trashes Karl Rove’s ‘Refusal To Recognize Reality,’ Audacity To Presume He Deserves ‘Another Shot’

February 3, 2013- RAW Story: Karl Rove launches initiative to keep tea party candidates out of elections

February 2, 2013- NY Times: Top Donors to Republicans Seek More Say in Senate Races

January 23, 2013- Politico: Karl Rove off key for James Taylor

January 17, 2013- AlterNet: The Top 10 Biggest Beneficiaries of 'Citizens United' in the 2012 Election

December 21, 2012- Pro Publica: How Dark Money Helped Republicans Hold the House and Hurt Voters

December 14, 2012- Pro Publica: Karl Rove’s Dark Money Group Promised IRS It Would Spend ‘Limited’ Money on Elections

November 15, 2012- Think Progress: Watchdog: Karl Rove And His Crossroads GPS Broke Election Law By Failing To Disclose Donors

November 13, 2012- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Calls For Republicans To Replicate Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy

November 9, 2012- Huffington Post: Krazy Karl: He's Come Undone

November 8, 2012- Crooks & Liars: Montana Passes Referendum Declaring Corporations are not People

November 8, 2012- NBC News: Karl Rove's election debacle: Super PAC's spending was nearly for naught

November 4, 2012- Huffington Post: Karl Rove-Backed Groups Are Largest Single Outside Force In 2012 Election

October 16, 2012- CNN: Crossroads spends another $11 million to air ad in battlegrounds

October 2, 2012- The Hill: Crossroads commits $16M to presidential, Senate campaign ads

October 1, 2012- Huffington Post: Karl Rove's New Crossroads GPS Ads Paint Democratic Candidates As Corrupt

September 24, 2012- New York Times: Conservative ‘Super PACs’ Synchronize Their Messages

September 23, 2012- Salon: Feingold: “Even worse than we expected”

September 19, 2012- Politico: Mitt Romney 2012 RIP? Not so fast

September 13, 2012- Huffington Post: Senate Races 2012: Conservative Groups Seek GOP Senate Control With Tens Of Millions In Ads

August 31, 2012- Huffington Post: Karl Rove's Donor Plan Could Run Afoul Of IRS, Congressional Report Suggests

August 31, 2012- Bloomberg: Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser

August 28, 2012- Huffington Post: RNC 2012: GOP Shadow Groups Eclipsing Party In Tampa

August 10, 2012- Mother Jones: Karl Rove's Dark Money Group Crossroads GPS Busted for Bogus Ad

July 29, 2012- Huffington Post: 'Dark Money' Hits $172 Million In 2012 Election, Half Of Independent Group Spending

July 25, 2012- RAW Story: Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS faces third FEC complaint

July 9, 2012- Huffington Post: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Files Complaint Over Groups That Shield Donors

July 5, 2012- Truthout: Thumbing Their Noses at Us: Election-Based Nonprofits Flouting Their Charters (Part One)

June 24, 2012- ABC News: What Romney’s Donors Heard at This Weekend’s Retreat

June 21, 2012- Huffington Post: Bob Bauer, Obama Campaign's Top Lawyer, Demands Retraction From Karl Rove

June 16, 2012- Huffington Post: Sheldon Adelson To Lavish $71 Million In Casino Money On GOP Super PACS, Nonprofits

June 13, 2012- Talking Points Memo: Crossroads Unveils New Attack Ads Against Dems In Senate Races

June 10, 2012- Reader Supported News: Fox News' Karl Rove Problem

May 22, 2012- NY Times: Subtler Entry From Masters of Attack Ads

May 22, 2012- Talking Points Memo: Crossroads GPS Prepares New, More Subtle Obama Attack Ad

May 17, 2012- Politifact: Fact-checking the new Crossroads GPS ad

May 7, 2012- Huffington Post: Crossroads GPS Argues Ads Attacking Candidates Aren't Political

April 27, 2012- Media Matters: 24 Hours Of Fox News' Karl Rove Problem 

April 18, 2012- Pro Publica: Read the Tax Returns From Karl Rove’s ‘Dark Money’ Group (Donors Still a Mystery)

April 13, 2012- Hurffington Post: Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS Funded By $10 Million Checks

April 9, 2012- Maddow Blog: American Crossroads sees Obama winning tax debate

April 2, 2012- Talking Points Memo: Karl Rove: They’re Trying To Intimidate Us, Just Like They Did With The NAACP

March 31, 2012- Bloomberg: Campaign Donor Advertising Rule Invalidated by U.S. Judge

March 30, 2012- Huffington Post: Koch Brothers, Chamber of Commerce Face Possible Campaign Donation Disclosure After Ruling

March 22, 2012- Daily Kos: Karl Rove says killing of Osama bin Laden not a major 'achievement' for President Obama

March 13, 2012- Huffington Post: Super PAC Backlash: Washington Post/ABC News Poll Says 69% Of Voters Want Groups Outlawed

March 9, 2012- NY Times: Hatch Weighs In on Tax Status of ‘Super PACs’

March 6, 2012- NY Times: Scrutiny of Political Nonprofits Sets Off Claim of Harassment

February 24, 2012- Huffington Post: GOP Outside Groups Pouring Money Into Senate Elections, Seeing Clear Shot For Winning Majority

February 6, 2012- Washington Post: Karl Rove ‘offended’ by Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad

February 1, 2012- Salon: Meet Karl Rove’s Sheldon Adelson

February 1, 2012- NY Times: Secrecy Shrouds ‘Super PAC’ Funds in Latest Filings

February 1, 2012- CNN: Senate Democrats to hold Super PAC hearings

January 31, 2012- MSNBC: Major GOP Super PAC raised $51 million in 2011

January 27, 2012- Politicus USA: Watch Elizabeth Warren’s Amazing 30 Second Destruction Of Mitt Romney

January 24, 2012- CNN: Karl Rove, American Crossroads and the Super PAC Democrats love to hate

December 21, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Karl Rove Concedes House GOP Blew It On Payroll Tax

December 9, 2011- Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren slaps down Karl Rove, latest attack ad

December 9, 2011- Huffington Post: Elizabeth Warren Blasts Karl Rove-Linked Crossroads GPS Ad As 'Factually Wrong And Morally Wrong'

December 8, 2011- Hullabaloo: Rove goes for Warren's strength

December 8, 2011- Time Magazine: Not Beating Elizabeth Warren, GOP Admakers Try to Join Her

December 8, 2011- PoliticusUSA: Bernie Sanders Proposes A Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

December 1, 2011- Huffington Post: Karl Rove's 'Fully Coordinated' Super PAC Ads Drive The FEC To Deadlock

November 16, 2011- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Gets 'Mic Checked' By Occupy Baltimore At Otherwise Dull-Sounding Symposium

November 11, 2011- Huffington Post: Ad By Crossroads, Karl Rove's Outfit, Yanked Off Air For Being False

November 2, 2011- RAW Story: Bernie Sanders: Citizens United ruling ‘basically insane’

October 27, 2011- Huffington Post: FCC To Rule On Online Political Advertisement Disclosure

October 26, 2011- Huffington Post: Campaign Finance Reformers Launch Progressive Effort To Remove Money From Politics

October 10, 2011- Politico: Karl Rove vs. the Koch brothers

October 8, 2011- Huffington Post: Colbert Apologizes To Karl Rove For Money Laundering Comments… Sort Of

October 7, 2011- Huffington Post: Glitterati, Gay Rights Activists, Glitter Bomb Karl Rove And Republican Minnesota Congressman Erik Paulsen

October 3, 2011- Mediashift: Attack of the Attack Ads: Citizens United and the 2012 Elections

September 28, 2011- Huffington Post: Super PACs Give Potential Late 2012 Entrants, Like Chris Christie, Time To Decide

September 28, 2011- Huffington Post: Political Groups Are Flouting IRS Rules To Keep Donors Secret, Reformers Say

September 26, 2011- Huffington Post: Super PACs And Secret Money: The Unregulated Shadow Campaign

September 24, 2011- Addicting Info: False Political Advertising: Constitutionally Legal?

September 19, 2011- Michigan Messenger: Groups look to rein in corporate power after Citizens United

September 16, 2011- Huffington Post: Jimmy Carter Talks 2012 Elections, Calls Supreme Court 'Citizens United' Decision One Of The 'Stupidest' Ever

September 9, 2011- LA Times: Haley Barbour joins Karl Rove-backed campaign group

August 25, 2011- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Created Rick Perry — Now Can He Stop Him?

August 15, 2011- Huffington Post: Karl Rove Warns GOP Presidential Candidates Against Moving Too Far To The Right (VIDEO)

August 5, 2011- Politico: If Rick Perry gets in, will Karl Rove be out?

August 4, 2011- NBC News: Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves 

July 31, 2011- Huffington Post: Priorities USA Raises $5 Million To Counter Attack Ads From Karl Rove-Backed Crossroads GPS

July 27, 2011- RAW Story: Karl Rove’s Crossroads trolls for guys on gay hook-up app Grindr

July 27, 2011- Huffington Post: Crossroads GPS, Priorities USA Violate Tax Laws: Reform Groups Allege In IRS Petition

July 22, 2011- Huffington Post: DNC Runs New Spanish-Language Ad To Counter Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS

July 19, 2011- NYT: Political Advocacy Groups Denied Tax-Exempt Status

July 18, 2011- Huffington Post: How Foreign Money Can Find Its Way Into Political Campaigns

July 14, 2011- Wall St.Journal: Obama Owns the Debt-Ceiling Fiasco

June 28, 2011- Think Progress: Karl Rove’s $20 MILLION Distraction

June 26, 2011- NBC News: Billionaires give big to new 'super PACS'

June 24, 2011- Washington Post: American Crossroads PAC casts 2012 as ‘David and Goliath’ struggle against Democrats

June 24, 2011- Huffington Post: Rove-Associated Groups Vow $120 Million In Attack Ads, Say More Is Needed

June 14, 2011- Minneapolis Star Tribune: On amendment issues, reveal corporate donors? 

June 9, 2011- Salon: Karl Rove's political group zings Wasserman Schultz as "Debbie Downer"

May 25, 2011- Christian Science Monitor: What lessons will GOP take from losing New York-26 House seat?

May 25, 2011- Politico: Kathy Hochul: From unknown to overnight star

May 25, 2011- Politico: Ryan blames NY-26 on Dem 'scare tactics'

May 25, 2011- Huffington Post: IRS To Take On Karl Rove? Tax Laws Could Take A Bite Out Of Secret Political Spending  

May 24, 2011- Think Progress: Democrat Kathy Hochul Beats Republican Jane Corwin in New York's 26th District

May 24, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins Upset In NY-26, Medicare Vote Key To Victory

May 19, 2011- Bloomberg: Secret Donors Multiply in U.S. Election Spending 

May 17, 2011- Business Insider: If The FEC Denies Stephen Colbert's Super PAC Request Sarah Palin And Karl Rove Could Be In Trouble

May 16, 2011- Minneapolis Star Tribune: Appeals court sides with federal judge, allows Minnesota campaign law to stand 

May 12, 2011- Facing South: Will IRS crack down on secret political donors who aren't paying taxes?

May 12, 2011- NYT: I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics 

May 10, 2011- Politico: IRS gift tax move could hit new anonymous groups

May 10, 2011- Huffington Post: New York Special Election: Dems Say Massive Ad Purchase Shows GOP Panic

May 7, 2011- NYT: Big G.O.P. Donors Adopt Wait-and-See 2012 Tack

May 5, 2011- Politico: Legal challenge to GOP independent cash 

April 30, 2011- NYT: Op-Ed: Some Sunshine for the Campaign Jungle 

April 29, 2011- The Motley Fool: Shedding Light on Hidden Agendas

April 26, 2011- RAW Story: Embracing ‘Citizens United,’ Dems to welcome undisclosed donors 

April 25, 2011- Mother Jones: Trump: Karl Rove Is a "Loser" Who Should Retire

April 21, 2011- Huffington Post: FEC Sued By Chris Van Hollen Over Huge Disclosure Loophole

April 18, 2011- Politcus USA: Donald Trump Claims Karl Rove Got Obama Elected

April 14, 2011- CNN: Independent groups expected to rake in hundreds of millions

April 11, 2011- Huffington Post: How 'Independent Expenditures' Are Remaking Elections

April 5, 2011- Salon: The right just doesn't get journalism

April 3, 2011- NYT: A Wiki Takes Aim at Obama 

March 28, 2011- Minnesota Daily: End invisible funding 

March 28, 2011- The Washington Current: Boxer: Rove Groups Pledge $120 Million Against Democrats In 2012 Election

March 23, 2011- Mother Jones: Karl Rove's Audacious Transparency Hypocrisy

March 23, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Crossroads GPS Sues Obama Admin Over Health Care Docs

March 23, 2011- ABC News: Rove Group Launches Anti-Obama Wiki

March 22, 2011- National Journal: FCC Urged to Require Identification of Donors Behind Political Ads

March 18, 2011- Politico: To right, Citizens United just a start

March 18, 2011- Citizen Vox: Read this if you aren't ready to give our democracy up to the highest bidder  

March 11, 2011- Center for Media & Democracy PR Watch: Karl Rove's Secretly-Funded Crossroads GPS Attacks Unions in Nationwide Ad

March 9, 2011- Washington Post: Lax Internal Revenue Service rules help groups shield campaign donor identities  

March 8, 2011- Press Release: CREW Asks IRS to Investigate the American Action Network 

March 7, 2011- Seattle PI: Karl Rove, Koch Brothers — on your TV, in your mailbox

March 1, 2011- CBS News: Karl Rove-linked group seeks to raise $120 million for 2012 elections

February 28, 2011- LA Times: Secret campaign ad financing in offing as FEC is deadlocked

February 20, 2011- Truthout: We're All Mad Here

February 20, 2011- Truthout: Back to the Future With Comcast

February 18, 2011- Politico: GOP tries to slash Wall Street law

February 11, 2011- FireDogLake: Astroforging Returns: Lobbyists Write Fake Letters in Support of Derivatives Rules

February 4, 2011- Politico: Justice Thomas’s wife Virginia Thomas now a lobbyist

February 4, 2011- Politico: Democratic National Committee: No corporate cash at Charlotte convention

February 1, 2011- Press Release: CREW Asks IRS to Investigate American Future Fund

January 26, 2011- Think Progerss: Alito, Thomas Headlined Political Fundraisers Chaired By Leading Right-Wing Donor Paul Singer

January 11, 2011- Cascadia Weekly: ‘No fracking way!’ A new civil rights movement challenges corporate ‘personhood’

January 5, 2011- MSNBC: How Wall St. execs bankrolled GOP victory

January 3, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Rove Protege Tim Griffin Now On Judiciary Committee

December 31, 2010- Huffington Post: 2010 "Person" of the Year: The U.S. Supreme Court

December 29, 2010- Huffington Post: Outgoing Democratic Congressman John Hall Warns Citizens United Could Lead To 'Fascism'

December 19, 2010- Huffington Post: Former Justices Stevens & O'Connor Reject 'Citizens United' Ruling

December 18, 2010- NYT: Justices Offer Receptive Ear to Business Interests

December 17, 2010- Think Progress: ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Lobbied To Help GOP Kill Bill To Provide Health Care To 9/11 First Responders

December 14, 2010- Huffington Post: Mine Safety Bill's Defeat: How Industry And Inattention Killed Overhaul Prompted By Tragedy

December 13, 2010- Think Progress: Newly-Elected Senator Ron Johnson Travels To The Chamber To Pay Homage For Helping Him Win

December 10, 2010- MSNBC: Anonymous donors spent $132M on 2010 campaign ads

December 7, 2010- Politico: Angry member groups shun U.S. Chamber of Commerce

December 6, 2010- AlterNet: How the Oligarchs Took Over America

November 29, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce's Lobbying To Extend Bush Tax Cuts Would Reap Millions For Wealthy Backers

November 27, 2010- LA Times: Election tone was anti-incumbent, but old pros handled the cash

November 24, 2010- MSNBC: Jury convicts DeLay in money laundering trial

November 23, 2010- Huffington Post: Voters Strongly Back Amending Constitution To Restrict Corporate Political Spending

November 8, 2010- Mother Jones: Outside Spending: The Final Tally

November 8, 2010- NY Daily News: Fox News' Rupert Murdoch is distorting the American political process

November 5, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber's War On Obama Just Getting Started

November 4, 2010- Sunlight Foundation: The Citizens United Effect: 40 percent of outside money made possible by Supreme Court ruling

November 4, 2010- MSN: Spending blitz by outside groups helped secure big GOP wins

November 3, 2010- Bloomberg Businessweek: Tom Donohue: Obama's Tormentor 

Novemeber 3, 2010- TruthOut: Campaign Cash: Citizens United Becomes Get Out-of-Jail-Free Card for Corporate Criminals

November 3, 2010- Think Progress: Chamber’s Money Well Spent: 63 Percent of Races Won; 20 Incumbent Democrats Defeated

Novemeber 3, 2010- Huffington Post: Unprecedented Outside Spending Boosted Candidates To Victory

November 2, 2010- Mother Jones: Following the Outside Money

November 2, 2010- RAW Story: Exclusive: Business groups poised to turn judges into ‘politicians in robes’

October 31, 2010- NYT: Conservative Donor Groups Lay a Base for 2012 Elections

October 30, 2010- NYT Editorial: Drowning in Campaign Cash

October 29, 2010- Think Progress: 275 Investors Demand U.S. Chamber Disclose Funds And Stop ‘Punitive Campaign’ Against Health Care Law

October 27, 2010- RAW Story: Shadow groups have spent nearly a quarter billion dollars on 2010 election: analysis

October 26, 2010- AP: Big money: Outside groups spending for Republicans

October 26, 2010- CBS News: Gold's Gym Faces Backlash After CEO Gives to GOP Group

October 26, 2010- Politico: Karl Rove unbowed

October 25, 2010- RAW Story: Petition calls for Gold’s Gym to stop supporting Rove group

October 25, 2010- Politico: Secrecy flip-flop fueled Crossroads

October 25, 2010- New Republic: The Revolution Eats Karl Rove

October 25, 2010- NYT: Pro-G.O.P. groups spend big in final week of races

October 23, 2010- Think Progress: ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Is Fueled By Foreign Oil

October 22, 2010- RAW Story: Pelosi: GOP victory will make America a ‘plutocracy,’ ‘oligarchy’

October 22, 2010- GRIT TV: The Loaded Chamber: Secret Money (VIDEO)

October 22, 2010- Huffington Post: The One-Person Funded Super PAC: How Wealthy Donors Can Skirt Campaign Finance Restrictions

October 21, 2010- Time Magazine: The Eleven Million Dollar Man

October 21, 2010- NBC News: Michael Isikoff Predicts $250M For American Crossroads (VIDEO)

October 19, 2010- Washington Post: Why Karl Rove and U.S. Chamber are laughing at their critics

October 19, 2010- Waiting for Another Watergate

October 18, 2010- Salon: Anonymous cowards are buying the 2010 election

October 18, 2010- Legal Schnauser: Will FBI Finally Zero In On the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

October 18, 2010- The Nation: Corporate Power Is Buying Our Elections

October 18, 2010- Politico: Karl Rove's Karl Rove

October 15, 2010- San Francisco Chronicle: U.S. Chamber about to drop another $1.25 million in TV ads against Barbara Boxer?

October 15, 2010- Bloomberg: Union-Backed Critic of U.S. Chamber Asks IRS to Probe Political Funding

October 14, 2010- Think Progress: Chamber’s Latest Lie: Our Foreign Fundraising Program Isn’t Part Of The Chamber

October 14, 2010- Huffington Post: Tim Kaine: Anonymous Conservative Fundraising Could Be Biggest Scandal Since Watergate  

October 13, 2010- Washington Post Opinion: Rove, Chamber ads widely debunked as false or misleading

October 13, 2010- LA Times: The political chamber

October 13, 2010- Washington Post: American Crossroads to expand fundraising juggernaut to House GOP

October 13, 2010- Huffington Post: Video Disputes Billionaire Koch's Claim that he is not involved in Tea Party

October 12, 2010- Politico: Dick Durbin: IRS should investigate Crossroads

October 12, 2010- Media Matters: Chamber "speak[s] through Fox News" — its donor's subsidiary — to respond to administration

October 12, 2010- Huffington Post: Gibbs To Rove: Here's Our 'Enemies List' Now Show Us Your Donors

October 11, 2010- The Hill: Biden jabs at Karl Rove on campaign spending

October 11, 2010- NYT: Offering Donors Secrecy, and Going on Attack

October 11, 2010- Washington Post: Obama continues attack on Chamber of Commerce

October 10, 2010- The Nation: Multinational Corporations Try to Buy an Election

October 10, 2010- Huffington Post: DNC Makes Major Ad Buy Accusing Chamber Of Potentially 'Stealing' Election

October 10, 2010- CNN: Rove to Obama: How dare you

October 10, -2010: RAW Story: Rove accuses Obama of Nixonian ‘enemies list’

October 10, 2010- RAW Story: Flashback: Rove admitted to keeping ‘a file’ on Bush critic in Congress

October 9, 2010- Think Progress: GRAPHIC: How The Chamber Gets Its Foreign Money

October 8, 2010- Politico Blog: Union disclosure unlike other groups'

October 7, 2010- Media Matters: Damage control: Fox defends Rove's GOP slush fund from potential IRS audit (VIDEO)

October 7, 2010- NYT: Money Talks Louder Than Ever in Midterms

October 6, 2010- Iowa Independent: Potential IRS probe of political nonprofits has some corporate donors nervous

October 6, 2010- Talking Points Memo: Franken Asks FEC To Investigate Chamber For Foreign Donors

October 6, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce Thrust Into Political Firestorm

October 6, 2010- Huffington Post: Colorado Senate Race Becomes Election Proxy War, Liberal Group Tries To Level The Playing Field Against Crossroads GPS

October 5, 2010- Politico: Secret donors fuel American Crossroads media buy

October 5, 2010- Christain Science Monitor: Karl Rove Group Spends Big in Election 2010, but Is It Legal?

October 5, 2010- NYT Editorial: Clean and Open American Elections

October 5, 2010- RAW Story: Rove-connected group dumped $14 million into eight Senate races since Aug.

October 5, 2010- Huffington Post: MoveOn Asks DoJ To Launch Criminal Investigation Of Chamber's Funding

October 5, 2010- RAW Story: IRS asked to probe anti-Dem group tied to Karl Rove

October 4, 2010- Washington Post: Interest-group spending for midterm up fivefold from 2006; many sources secret

October 4, 2010- National Journal: Inside The Shadow GOP

October 2, 2010- NYT: The Secret Sponsors

September 30, 2010- Huffington Post: IRS to Investigate Rove's American Crossroads and Other Corporate Front Groups

September 30, 2010- St. Petersburg Times: Rove's 'Super PAC' Helps Rubio In Surge

September 29 2010-  NYT: Senate Democrats Press I.R.S. to Review Political Spending by Nonprofits

September 28, 2010- Washington Independent: American Crossroads Backed Almost Entirely by Billionaires

September 28, 2010- Washington Independent: Broken Federal Election Commission Fails to Enforce Campaign-Finance Laws

September 28, 2010- Washington Post: New 'Super Pacs' bringing millions into campaigns 

September 27, 2010- Seattle Times: GOP allies blitzing Democrats with campaign ads

September 25, 2010- NYT: Rove Returns, With Team, Planning G.O.P. Push

September 24, 2010- Politico: GOP's big money men return

September 24, 2010- Daily Bellweather: Karl Rove Is Up To His Sleazy Tricks Again In Ohio: Copycats 2008 Obama TV Spot To Tout Rob Portman

September 24, 2010- NYT: Secret, tax-exempt dollars fund political fights

September 22, 2010- Bloomburg BusineesWeek: Republican Groups Outspend Democratic Rivals 7-1 in September

September 21, 2010- Politico: American Crossroads now targets House races

September 21, 2010- Bloomberg: Republican Outside Groups Balance Out Democrats’ Cash

September 20, 2010- AP: Groups allied to GOP boost their fundraising

September 20, 2010- NYT: Donor Names Remain Secret as Rules Shift

September 20, 2010- Salon: Billionaires give 91 percent of funds for Rove-tied group

September 20, 2010- RAW Story: Groups allied to GOP boost their fundraising

September 20, 2010- Talking Points Memo: Rove-Backed Outside Groups Raised $14.5 Million In Last 30 Days

September 16, 2010- Time Magazine: The New GOP Money Stampede

September 14, 2010- Crooks and Liars: Progressives Fight Back With $100,000 Bounty on Karl Rove's Dirty Tricks

Spetmeber 13, 2010- Mother Jones: "Campaign Finance Reform Is on Its Last Legs"

September 13, 2010- RAW Story: Group offers $100,000 for ‘information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove’

September 9, 2010-  Bloomberg: Super PACs Multiply as Companies Freed to Give

September 3, 2010- PBS Need To Know: As election season begins, spending on campaigns breaks records 

August 27, 2010- Think Progress: Conservative Groups Gearing Up To Spend $400 Million On Midterm Election  

August 17, 2010- Washington Post: American Crossroads launches ads in Colorado, Ohio Senate races 

August 17, 2010 Think Progress: ‘Shadow RNC’ Unveils Obstructionist GOP Agenda Proposal: ‘Stop,’ ‘End,’ And ‘Block’ Progressive Policy  

August 16, 2010 HuffingtonPost: Ed Rollins, GOP Strategist, Calls Michael Steele 'A Disaster'  

August 15, 2010- RAW Story: GOP strategist: RNC Chairman Michael Steele has ‘failed miserably’

August 5, 2010- Yahoo News: A guide to the ‘shadow GOP’: the groups that may define the 2010 and 2012 elections  

July 21, 2010- Huffington Post: American Crossroads GPS, New Rove Group, Has Dems Questioning Obama's Political Operations  

July 20, 2010 Politico: Rove-linked group uses secret donors to fund attacks  

July 6th, 2010- Politico: Rove Admits His ‘Shadow RNC’ Attack Group Functions Largely Because Of The Citizens United Decision   

July 6, 2010 Think Progress: Rove Admits His ‘Shadow RNC’ Attack Group Functions Largely Because Of The Citizens United Decision   

June 29, 2010- Catholic Online: American Crossroads Group, Organized under Sec. 527, Raises Millions   

May 12, 2010 Rolling Stone: Rove Rides Again  

April 5, 2010 Washington Post: Republicans plan $50 million independent effort in 2010 

April 1, 2010- RAW Story: Exclusive: FEC inaction on enforcing election laws rises more than 600 percent

January 21, 2010- Huffington Post: Citizens United v. FEC: Shed a Tear for Democracy

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