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NYT: The Secret Sponsors

October 2, 2010- It was the wisecracking baby who caught my attention.

Sitting on a living room carpet and addressing the camera in a dubbed voice that growls like a Vegas bookie, he tells viewers, “Gramps is sad — Obama cut $455 billion from his Medicare.” He warns of dire consequences from the health insurance overhaul if voters do not take action in November.

“I don’t know what smells worse,” the little guy huffs, “my diaper or this new bill.”

RAW Story: GOP strategist: RNC Chairman Michael Steele has ‘failed miserably’

Steele 'not going to matter' to Republicans' 2010 strategy thanks to Karl Rove's 'coup' via 'shadow RNC'

August 15, 2010- Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele is under fire from his own party once again.

But this time, he may not be getting another chance at redemption in the eyes of senior GOP leaders.

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