Press Release: Advocacy Group Releases Hard-Hitting Video Calling on NY Congressional Candidate Jane Corwin to Reject Karl Rove’

IRS Investigates Rove's Donors

WASHINGTON, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ —, an advocacy group dedicated to exposing the campaign finance activities of Karl Rove's American Crossroads group, just released a hard-hitting video calling on Jane Corwin, who is running in the special election in NY-26, to reject the $650,000 that Rove's group is using to support her campaign. The video comes days after the IRS announced that it is targeting donors to 501c4 groups, such as Rove's Crossroads GPS, for failing to report donations and pay a 35% gift tax on such donations. This was reported last Thursday by the New York Times.

"We are calling on Jane Corwin to tell Karl Rove that she does not want money that was raised by defrauding donors and harming the national treasury, especially at a time when our country is facing severe financial hardship and record deficits," said AmericanCrossroadsWatch attorney and spokesman Kevin Zeese. "Rove raised $70 million during the last election and has promised to raise $120 million in 2012 to support so-called fiscally conservative candidates. But he is doing it while ripping off hard working taxpayers for up to $66 million dollars in lost tax revenue. This is a scandal of major proportions that should cause every legitimate candidate to publicly renounce support by Rove and his groups. The IRS has fired the first shot across the bow of American Crossroads. However, we believe more investigations are coming because of our formal complaints to the Department of Justice, our letters to 40 United States Attorneys, our meetings with the FBI and our complaint to the Federal Election Commission. Jane Corwin and other candidates need to understand just how dangerous it is to get support from a group that appears to be violating federal election law."

During the 2010 mid-term election, released a dozen ads warning candidates about campaign finance violations by Karl Rove and American Crossroads. The new biting video points out the hypocrisy of Jane Corwin helping out rich corporate barons while demanding that seniors pay for cuts to Medicare. According to FEC filings, a handful of billionaires provided 91% of the funds last year to American Crossroads. The video ends with these words, "Jane Corwin, tell Karl Rove to keep his dirty money and dirty politics out of New York elections."



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