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Think Progress: Karl Rove’s $20 MILLION Distraction

-By Josh Dorner, June 28, 2011

Don’t Forget–The GOP United Behind Plan to End Medicare, Give More Tax Breaks to Big Oil, Billionaires

Late last Friday, Karl Rove’s attack group, Crossroads GPS, announced a $20 million attack ad campaign going after President Obama.  Crossroads says the ads, initially showing on cable and in 10 states, are meant to “frame the national debate” on jobs and the economy. What they really want to do, of course, is re-frame the national debate away from the GOP’s disastrous and spectacularly unpopular plan to end Medicare in order to give more tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and Big Oil (three groups that just so happened to fund a related Rove attack group last year).

Here’s a reminder of what’s in the GOP plan and where the 2012 candidates stand on it. (Hint: they all support it.)

NBC News: Billionaires give big to new ‘super PACS’

-By Michael Isikoff

June 26, 2011- When you're raising political cash these days, it helps to have a few billionaires in your corner.

The outside role a small number of extremely wealthy donors is playing in the run up to the 2012 elections is highlighted by the first early finance reports of the new campaign cycle filed late last week by two so-called "super PACs " — political groups that can raise unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations and labor unions.

American Crossroads, the super PAC spearheaded by Karl Rove, is vowing a massive attack ad campaign aimed at defeating President Barack Obama next year. The group reported it had raised $3.8 million during the first six months of 2011.

The group proclaims on its website that its mission is to empower "America's citizens" to "take back control of their government." But the new report suggests American Crossroads is anything but a grassroots funded organization.

Washington Post: American Crossroads PAC casts 2012 as ‘David and Goliath’ struggle against Democrats

-By Philip Rucker

June 24, 2011- American Crossroads, the massive political action committee that helped propel Republicans into the House majority last fall, is planning to spend $120 million on a 2012 election cycle it is casting as a “David and Goliath” struggle between well-funded Democrats and underfunded Republicans.

The group’s chairman, Mike Duncan, told reporters Friday morning that 2012 would be the most expensive campaign cycle in history. He said that the so-called “super PAC” would go after President Obama early and often, perhaps attacking the incumbent on television before Republicans have settled on their nominee.

“We’re going to have $2 billion spent in the suspension of reality,” Duncan said, suggesting that Obama’s reelection campaign would raise $1 billion while the president’s allies on the left would spend hundreds of millions more.

Huffington Post: Rove-Associated Groups Vow $120 Million In Attack Ads, Say More Is Needed

-By Dan Froomkin & Paul Blumenthal

June 24, 2011- WASHINGTON — The leaders of two behemoth Karl Rove-associated unlimited donation campaign fundraising groups on Friday promised to spend $120 million against Democrats in the 2012 election cycle, much of it in the form of attack ads.

At the same time, the leaders of American Crossroads and Crossroads Grassroots Political Strategies (GPS) tried to cast themselves as underdogs to a Democratic apparatus they predicted will spend $2 billion between now and November 2012. They spoke at a breakfast briefing with reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

"We're going to have $2 billion spent in the suspension of reality," said American Crossroads chairman Mike Duncan.

But lest there be any doubt, Duncan's solution was not for Democrats to spend less, it was for Republicans to spend more.

"There's not too much money in politics," he declared. "I firmly believe that there is a role for various organizations."

Minneapolis Star Tribune: On amendment issues, reveal corporate donors?

The state's upcoming ballot question on definition of marriage prompts finance board to reconsider keeping donor names secret.

-By Eric Roper

June 14, 2011- As activists prepare for what is expected to be one of the costliest amendment campaigns in recent history, state campaign finance officials are rethinking guidelines on how donations are disclosed.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board met Tuesday to hear arguments on whether it should revoke a 14-year-old opinion that allows corporations to make donations to ballot campaigns without revealing their own donors.

A change could have a major impact on the role national heavyweight nonprofits like the Human Rights Campaign and the National Organization for Marriage play in Minnesota over the next 17 months. The two sides are gearing up over a 2012 ballot question that would ask voters to legally define marriage in the state Constitution as being between a man and woman. It would solidify an existing legal ban on same-sex marriage.

Salon: Karl Rove’s political group zings Wasserman Schultz as “Debbie Downer”

-By Anthony Man

June 9, 2011- The political group American Crossroads — founded by Karl Rove, who orchestrated George W. Bush's presidential victories and now pontificates on FOX News — has a new video out that goes after U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston.

Republicans have stepped up their criticism of Wasserman Schultz since she became chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee last month. Now everything she says gets extra scrutiny.

Now the mocking. Debbie Downer is a play on the Saturday Night Live skit.

Jonathan Collegio, communications director at American Crossroads, said "Wasserman Schultz has become a gift that keeps giving to Republicans." 

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