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Politico: Karl Rove off key for James Taylor

-By Patrick Gavin

January 23, 2013- In an interview with Charlie Rose, musician James Taylor issued a harsh rebuke to many aspects of the United States political system — and Karl Rove, in particular.

“To me, the Founding Fathers are the dream and the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln are where the rubber hits the road. That’s where this country sort of manifests it and that’s where the division manifested. And we still suffer from those divisions of the Civil War. We are still fighting the Civil War, I think. And there are people who, to their discredit, there are people who mine and encourage us to refight the Civil War. They find political strength from doing that. I’m talking about Karl Rove here. Reopening those wounds of the Civil War for political base and to hide their political agenda, which is elitist, which you can’t sell to a whole bunch of people because it doesn’t benefit them.”

AlterNet: The Top 10 Biggest Beneficiaries of ‘Citizens United’ in the 2012 Election

A report from the Center for Public Integrity reveals that Citizens United allowed an extra $1 billion in special interest money in the last election.

-By Laura Gottesdiener

January 17, 2013- As the never-ending campaign ads demonstrated, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling Citizens United flooded the most recent election with additional money, making it the most profit-fueled presidential election in U.S. history.

Now, the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) has put its finger on a figure of just how much more money the ruling ushered in: nearly $1 billion.

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