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Forward Progressives: There’s Not Much That’s Funnier Than a Republican Confronted With Facts

-By Allen Clifton

May 24, 2013- I’m sure I’m not the only one who, when debating a Republican, walks away thinking, “I wonder what reality is like on their planet?”

Because some of the comments I hear coming from these people would be hilarious if they didn’t actually believe them. Hell, sometimes I even feel sorry for them.

For instance their hero is President Reagan, someone they call a “true conservative.” Except, they can’t tell you exactly how he was a conservative. He quadrupled our national debt, something Republicans don’t deny. Yet they still consider him the epitome of “Republican conservatism.” Then again, both George H. Bush and George W. Bush grew our national debt, so if Reagan is the example of “Republican conservatism,” they followed that example perfectly.

Most sane people know that being “fiscally conservative” doesn’t mean running up giant deficits, so calling Reagan a “conservative legend” doesn’t make any sense.

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