Daily Archives: June 2, 2014


False Prophet Rove: Obama’s ‘Speech ‘Nice Packaging.’

False prophet and war instigated Karl Rove gave Obama a usual “F” for an unusually exceptional speech, defending his foreign policy. Rove explains that we should have stayed in Iraq. Really? So let me get this straight, we should have stayed in an illegal…


HILARIOUS! Karl Rove Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Old and Stale’

If there’s one thing crusty old conservatives know, it’s “fresh” and “new.” As in “fresh pseudo-scandals and slander every night on FOX “News,” and “brand new horrors, atrocities and corruption” by the hour. Karl Rove, then, can…


Karl Rove: Media Symphony Conductor

There’s an old joke about a skunk who lifts his tail and, as bystanders hold their noses, says, “So do you!” Once again, Bush-era Republican maven Karl Rove has lifted his tail and altered the (ahem) atmospherics in America’s political room —…

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