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A Campaign To Protect Our Elections From Dirty Tricks And Dirty Money

Karl Rove created American Crossroads to continue his 40-year history of unfairly manipulating elections on behalf of oligarchs. He joined with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a cabal of corporate barons, and other CEOs that want Big Business to control our elections and our government. Rove’s group plans to amass more than $50 million from companies making secret donations, and spend that money to influence elections and buy candidates who will act on behalf of those companies and their deregulatory policies. These same polices brought us Enron, the collapse of Wall Street banks, Bernie Maddoff, Jack Abramoff, the Gulf oil spill, the recent coal mining disasters, and the corporate controlled Supreme Court.

We are fighting back on behalf of the 87 percent of Americans who do not want corporations to buy politicians and control our government. We are here to tell Karl Rove to keep his dirty politics and dirty money out of our elections. We are here to tell candidates to reject everything about Rove and American Crossroads. We are here to expose this corporate oligarchy of elite insiders who act with little or no regard for constitutional protections.

We need your help!


False Prophet Rove: Obama’s ‘Speech ‘Nice Packaging.’

False prophet and war instigated Karl Rove gave Obama a usual “F” for an unusually exceptional speech, defending his foreign policy. Rove explains that we should have stayed in Iraq. Really? So let me get this straight, we should have stayed in an illegal…


HILARIOUS! Karl Rove Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Old and Stale’

If there’s one thing crusty old conservatives know, it’s “fresh” and “new.” As in “fresh pseudo-scandals and slander every night on FOX “News,” and “brand new horrors, atrocities and corruption” by the hour. Karl Rove, then, can…


Karl Rove: Media Symphony Conductor

There’s an old joke about a skunk who lifts his tail and, as bystanders hold their noses, says, “So do you!” Once again, Bush-era Republican maven Karl Rove has lifted his tail and altered the (ahem) atmospherics in America’s political room —…


The Brad Blog: EXCLUSIVE: Former Gov. Don Siegelman Brings the Hammer Down on Tom DeLay from Prison

Alabama's former Democratic governor issues statement to The BRAD BLOG, slamming the former GOP House Majority Leader for his part in a $20 million 'money laundering' conspiracy to defeat him…

-By Brad Freidman

September 25, 2013- Ever since last week's reversal of former GOP Rep. Tom DeLay's 2010 money laundering convictions by a 2-to-1 partisan decision of a three-judge Texas appeals court panel, we have been contrasting the Texas Republican's treatment in the judicial system with that of Alabama's former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.


Media Matters: Fox’s Karl Rove Shouts Lies About Benghazi

-By Zachary Pleat

September 8, 2013- Fox News contributor Karl Rove repeated long-debunked falsehoods about the military response to the September 2012 attacks on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya.

During Fox News Sunday on September 8, a panel discussion turned to the upcoming anniversary of the attacks in Benghazi. During the segment, Rove falsely asserted that no military assets were ordered to assist the Americans under attack in Benghazi. Rove soon raised his voice and, over and over again, repeated his false claim that no help was sent to Benghazi.

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