Daily News Finder: Karl Rove’s Fall From Relevance

February 8, 2013- The sliding grinding sound you hear is Karl Rove’s fingernails digging in for a hold as he slides into irrelevance in today’s political games. For those of us who were aware of his dirty dealings before George W. Bush made it to the national stage, his fall has been long overdue. His impact on American politics and manipulating outcomes will be felt by this country for years to come. I suspect there’s much more about Karl Rove that we don’t know than we do, but what we do know is deplorable. If anyone embraced the expression “the ends justify the means” it was Karl Rove.

Media Matters: Karl Rove And Marco Rubio’s Mutually Beneficial Alliance

-By Ben Dimiero

February 7, 2013- Karl Rove has recently used his various media platforms to sing the praises of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and tout his role in the brewing debate over immigration reform. Rove and Rubio have a mutually beneficial political and financial relationship that dates back several years.

Earlier this week on Fox News' Special Report, Rove suggested that if anyone is going to unite the GOP on immigration, it will be Rubio because "he's the best communicator since Ronald Reagan." In a separate appearance on The O'Reilly Factor, Rove lauded Rubio for laying out "an excellent set of principles" on immigration, and said "Republicans ought to give it a very clear, strong look."

Huffington Post: Karl Rove Is Done

-By Howard Fineman

February 7, 2013- WASHINGTON — Somewhere in my files I have a snapshot of a skinny young guy named Karl Rove running for president of the College Republicans. The year is 1972. He is standing at a podium on an empty lawn of a college somewhere, and there is exactly one person in the audience: a bored coed stretched out on the grass.

She does not seem to be listening, but in the end it didn't matter that Rove had no magnetism. He had Lee Atwater as his Southern campaign manager, and Rove later got help from a big shot named George H. W. Bush. Rove beat the right-wingers for the post, which earned him the privilege of being able to perform dirty tricks for Richard's Nixon's legendarily dirty 1972 presidential campaign.

Mediaite: S.E. Cupp Trashes Karl Rove’s ‘Refusal To Recognize Reality,’ Audacity To Presume He Deserves ‘Another Shot’

-by Noah Rothman

February 4, 2013- Conservative MSNBC host S.E. Cupp did not greet the news that American Crossroads chief and Fox News Channel contributor Karl Rove is getting back into the business of raising money to elect mainstream Republican candidates to office. Cupp found it audacious that Rove could presume he should again be trusted by America’s conservative donor class when his organization delivered such meager results in the last electoral cycle.

“I know that there are a lot of donors, because I’ve spoken to them, who are very disappointed in what happened over the past year with American Crossroads, and they’re looking for other places to put their money,” Cupp said of Rove’s plan to raise money for moderate Republicans.

The Atlantic Wire: Rove’s ‘No More Akins’ Group Outrages Conservatives

-By Elspeth Reeve

February 4, 2013- Karl Rove's American Crossroads has started a new group to make sure the 2014 Senate races produce zero Todd Akins. But it turns out some conservatives like Rove less than Akin. The Conservative Victory Project will spend money in Republican primaries to defeat far-right candidates, The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny reported this weekend. Republicans like Rove see Republicans like Akin, who failed to beat vulnerable Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Richard Mourdock, who knocked off Indiana's Sen. Richard Lugar in the GOP primary but failed to win the general election in a state that Mitt Romney won by 10 points, are costing the party winnable Senate seats. The backlash was immediate.

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