American Crossroads Watch Campaign 2010 Videos

August 5, 2013- David Corn Reveals “Groundswell” : A Cage Match Between Ginni Thomas And Karl Rove

July 31, 2013- Al Sharpton: GroundSwell The New, Secret Right wing Plan To Take Down Obama

February 11, 2013- ACW Responds To American Crossroads Ad “Ashley’s Story”

February 7, 2013- Karl Rove: We’ll Expose Radical Lib Ashley Judd Before Election Even Starts

February 7, 2013- The Young Turks: Republican Attack Ad On…Ashley Judd??

February 6, 2013- Liberal Viewer: Contraception Contradicts Capitalism?

February 5, 2013- Karl Rove Responds To Tea Party Criticism: We Need Conservatives Who Can Actually Win Races

February 4, 2013- Al Sharpton: GOP War: “Karl Rove Vs Tea Party”

January 25, 2013- Mike Papantonio: Frontline — Obama’s Pals Go Unpunished 

December 23, 2012- A Case for Justice: Don Siegelman

November 8, 2012- Martin Bashir: Karl Rove explains to donors how it all went wrong

November 8, 2012- Rachel Maddow:  Will GOP big money still take calls from Rove?

November 8, 2012- Lawrence O’Donnell: Karl Rove: Democrats suppressed the vote

October 22, 2012- Anonymous Warning to Karl Rove: “Don’t Try To Rig The Election”

September 15, 2012- Bill Moyers: Craig Unger on the Continuing Power of Karl Rove

August 22, 2012- Democracy NOW! Craig Unger on New Book, “Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power.”

August 15, 2012- DSCC: The Truth About Karl Rove’s “New Majority Agenda”

July 11, 2012- Martin Bashir: Bush buddy Karl Rove accuses Obama of ‘war on women’

June 27, 2012- ACW Responds to Crossroads GPs Ad “Equity”

June 21, 2012- The Young Turks: It Gets Worse – Send Us Your Stories 

May 22, 2012- Crossroads GPS: “Basketball”

May 18, 2012- Thom Hartmann: The Right’s Obsession w/Female Body Parts?

May 17, 2012- The Obama Campaign responds to Karl Rove’s latest attack ad

May 8, 2012- Hardball: Rove’s ‘non-profit’ running ads against Democrats

May 3, 2012- The Young Turks: Students Waterboarded in Symbolic Protest at Tufts

May 3, 2012- ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad “Gas Prices”

May 1, 2012- VR/OFA – Response To Restore Our Future’s ‘Now You See the Problem’ Ad

May 1, 2012- Mike Papantonio: Romney Distancing Himself From Extremist Republicans

April 26, 2012- Karl Rove’s Attack Ad on Shelley Berkley Gets Panned by Nevada Media

April 26, 2012- American Crossroads: “Cool”

April 8, 2012- Rachel Maddow: Romney Channels Karl Rove Trick, Projects His (Many) Weaknesses On Obama

April 3, 2012- The Young Turks: Worst Political Ads

February 22, 2012- Rachel Maddow: fact-Based World An Unhappy Place for GOP Energy Talking Points

February 14, 2012- ACW Responds to American Crossroads GPS Ad “Every Level”

February 8, 2012- Kevin Zeese Discusses Super PACs on The War Room 

February 4, 2012- The Young Turks: Corporations Flood Romney Super PAC With Cash

February 1, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Are voters choosing candidates — or special interest groups?

January 26, 2012- Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: Citizens United: Two Years Later

January 18, 2012- Amend 2012

January 13, 2012- ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS “Typical” Ad

January 10, 2012- The Young Turks: Mitt Romney Super PAC Mastermind Revealed

January 3, 2012- American Crossroads Watch Responds to Crossroads GPS “Great” Ad

December 23, 2011- Democracy NOW! Newt Gingrich Campaign Resurgence Funded by Secretive Coterie of Super PACS, Wealthy Donors

December 21, 2011- Rove On House GOP: They Lost The Optics

December 19, 2011- American Crossroads Watch exposes Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Electioneering

December 9, 2011- “Fight Back”- Elizabeth Warren Responds to Karl Rove’s Attack

December 8, 2011- Lawrence O’Donnell: Warren Takes Lead in Senate Race

December 8, 2011- Bernie Sanders: The Saving American Democracy Amendment

Decmeber 8, 2011- ACW Responds to American Crossroads GPS Ad “Applause” Attacking Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia

December 8, 2011- ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad “Champion” Claiming Elizabeth Warren Started TARP Bailout

December 8, 2011- Crossroads GPS: “Champion” Massachusetts

November 28, 2011- ACW Responds To American Crossroads GPS “Dirt” Ad Attacking Tester

November 18, 2011- ACW Responds to American Crossroads GPS “Foundation” Ad Attacking Elizabeth Warren and Occupy

November 12, 2011- The Young Turks: Elizabeth Warren Occupy Wall Street Attack

November 2, 2011- Keith Olbermann: Senator Bernie Sanders on the new Constitutional Amendment that could reverse the Citizens United decision

October 13, 2011- Rachel Madow: US Democracy Bought By Tiny Minority

August 22, 2011- Less Money

August 12, 2011- NBC News: DNC ad seizes on Romney’s ‘corporations are people’ line 

August 5, 2011- American Crossroads: “Pivot”

August 4, 2011- The Young Turks: Romney Super-PAC Scandal?

August 3, 2011- Mike Papantonio: How Obama Let Rove Off The Hook

July 7, 2011- Liberal Viewer: Fox News Admits Bias To Attack Media Matters?

July 7, 2011- ACW Responds To Rove Claims That Obama Is “Weak On Terror”

June 28, 2011- Responds to “Recovery Summer” Ad from American Crossroads

June 24, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Republicans Declare War On The Middle Class

June 22, 2011- Mitch McConnell: Citizens United ‘Leveled the Field’ for Campaign Finance

June 16, 2011- AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org Calls On Reince Priebus To Denounce Karl Rove’s Dirty Politics

May 13, 2011- Calls On Jane Corwin to Reject Karl Rove’s Dirty Money

April 28, 2011- Priorities USA Action: Extremely Dangerous

April 19, 2011- Rove fires back at Trump

April 18, 2011- Donald Trump Fox and Friends

April 16, 2011- Donald Trump – Karl Rove Is So Against Me Because I Want To See Obama’s Birth Certificate

April 15, 2011- Greta’s On The Record Show, Karl Rove Doesn’t Like Donald Trump

April 14, 2011- CNN: Independent groups expected to rake in hundreds of millions

March 8, 2011- Crossroads GPS ‘The System’

February 21, 2011- Richard D. Wolff: “The Tax Cut Bill”

February 16, 2011- Karl Rove Goes After Ron Paul, Campaign For Liberty And Paul Supporters

February 15, 2011- Mike Papnatonio: The Journalism of Appeasement

February 10, 2011- Sam Seder: Liberal Defender of Social Security’s Chastity Responds to Matt Miller

February 6, 2011- Real News Network: Reaganomics Sucked Wealth Up, Did Not Trickle It Down

February 1, 2011- The Young Turks: Big Business: Screw Kids! – Damning Letters To Rep. Issa

January 27, 2011- Cenk Uygur- MSNBC: Boehner A ‘Corporation Masquerading as a Person’

January 26, 2011- Louise Slaughter: Protect Public Financing of Campaigns

January 25, 2011- Sam Seder: FACT: Karl Rove Violates Federal Law, Eric Holder Doesn’t Care

January 7, 2011- Ed Schultz: Chamber of Commerce Loves New Obama Chief of Staff

December 22, 2010- Mike Papantonio: Big Business Dupes Evangelicals Into Voting Republican

December 21, 2010- Thom Hartmann: Time to kick the US Chamber of Commerce out of Congress?

December 2, 2012- ReasonTV: The Power of Nazi Propaganda 

October 20, 2010- Stop The Chamber: The US Chamber of Commerce and Rand Paul Selling Access to American Government

October 19, 2010- Stop the Chamber: The US Chamber and Rand Paul Support Outsourcing of American Jobs

October 14, 2010- The Young Turks: Secret Illegal Donors Funding GOP In 2010?

October 14, 2010- Stop The Chamber: US Chamber of Commerce Using Foreign Money to Attack Rep. John Boccieri

October 7, 2010- Stop The Chamber: Stop Foreign Money In US Elections! Rally at USCOC Headquarters in DC

September 26, 2010- Rachel Maddow: David & Charles Koch: Billionaire Brothers Pump Money Into ‘Anti-Obama’ Tea-Party/GOP Campaigns

July 21, 2010- Politico: 5.1 Million: The Magic Number

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